Epson's New 4K Gaming Projector Does 2800 Lumens for $1299: Meet the Home Cinema 2350: BigPictureBigSound

2022-10-22 18:45:48 By : Ms. Cathy Wang

Epson, one of the top-selling projector makers for home and business, just unveiled their latest home theater projector: the Epson Home Cinema 2350. And while it has "Home Cinema" in the name (and it should make an excellent home theater projector) the 2350 is being marketed as a "Gaming Projector" because it includes the features and performance that a hard core gamer looks for in a display. It offers high brightness, full 4K resolution, great color saturation and accuracy, high contrast and ultra low input lag. And the price isn't too shabby either: $1,299.

Nothing kills the gaming vibe like high input lag. You hit the controls and the reaction on-screen is sluggish at best. The Epson Home Cinema 2350 won't do you like that as the input lag times are under 20 milliseconds. Gamers also like to see all the details, particularly in shadowy areas of the screen. No one likes to be snuck up on. With 2800 lumens of color and white brightness, high contrast and full 4K resolution, the Home Cinema 2350 makes sure you won't miss any of the on-screen action.

The Epson Home Cinema 2350 features a discreet form factor that will blend with any decor.

The projector supports 120 FPS gaming at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS at 4K (2160p) resolution. It features 3-Chip LCD technology so you won't see the rainbow effect that plagues single-chip DLP projectors. And for strong video performance on Ultra HD 4K sources, the projector supports HDR10 high dynamic range. The company claims that you can project the image "up to 500 inches" diagonally (yes, that's over 40 feet from corner to corner), but at that size, expect the picture to be a bit dim. But hey if you want to light up the entire side of a building for your gaming get together or movie night, go for it.

Epson also wants you to be able to get up and running quickly and with minimal extra investments, so they've included Android TV on-board, for access to the most popular streaming apps, as well as a built-in 10 Watt bass reflex speaker. Of course, we'd recommend buying a screen for best results as well as a receiver and speakers for true surround sound, but you'll have what you need in the box to get started. The projector includes Bluetooth support so you can connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones, earbuds or a soundbar without the need for physical wires.

"Leveling up the gaming scene, the new Home Cinema 2350 offers a powerful set of features in a compact form factor, including industry-leading input lag time performance, incredibly bright image and support for immersive 4K content, along with an epic projected image size up to 500 inches for engaging experiences that will make players feel as though they are inworld," said Fernando Tamashiro, product manager, Epson America, Inc. "Building off of Epson's top-selling Home Cinema 2000-series projector line, the Home Cinema 2350 is a versatile and powerful solution for enjoying your favorite streaming and gaming content on a big screen."

If you project a 120-inch screen size then each player gets their own 60 inch screen in a 4-player game.

One nice touch, not normally seen at this price point is a physical lens shift option. This allows you to compensate for placing the projector in a non-ideal location like near the floor or on the ceiling. With lens shift you can adjust the angle of projection and correct for screen geometry issues without having to resort to detail-robbing digital keystone adjustments. The lens shift is vertical only, with a range of +/- 60% up or down.

The Home Cinema 2350 is now available to order through select Epson retailers including B&H Photo and